Best Music And Songs For Learning English

Best Music And Songs For Learning English

It is easy to learn English with music. There are many songs recommended for learning English but Verbiage is an album of songs, specifically written based on grammar and verb conjugation. The songs in the album and verbs/themes covered in the song are:

  1. Another sad love song (Learn about the seasons and weather)
  2. Warrior (Verb “Be”. Learn to say I am, I was)
  3. Thinking (Verb “Think”. Learn to say I think, thinking, I thought so past tense)
  4. I Like Work (Verb “Like, Work”. Listen for present tense I like, I work, and I liked, I worked)
  5. I Couldn’t (Modal verbs could, should and negative forms couldn’t shouldn’t)
  6. I Can Feel (Verbs Feel, Can. Listen for I can, I feel and feel, and past tense I liked, I felt)
  7. Afterlife (Verb focus “Know, Go, Live”)
  8. Breathe (Verb “Want” and -ing ending words or gerunds).
  9. Lenses (Verb “See” pronoun “she”)
  10. Communicate (Verb “talk, spoke”)
  11. Instead (Verb “say” past tense “said”)
  12. I Wished (Verb “Wish” and pronunciation of w-sounds)
  13. Rest In Peace (Verbs Regret, Hope, Need)
  14. Lonely (Verbs Listen, Need, Can)
  15. To Love (Verb Love, pronounds You & I)
  16. Milonga (Song focus is pronouns/possessive pronouns he, his, she, her, they)
  17. Goodbye (Just saying bye!)

You can get a direct link to the songbook here which is bilingual in 7 languages and the verbs are underlined so you know what to focus on when singing the song.


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