The Learn English Fast Book Series

The Learn English Fast Book Series

My Bilingual Book Series

The Learn English Fast Book Series are 12 bilingual English books available so far for Spanish, Italian, French and Polish speakers. All are available on Amazon. Links on my website

I have a variety of Bilingual Books of various topics. Hopefully you find a topic you like to keep you engaged, and learning English longer. It’s just great English practice reading material.

LEVEL 1 BOOKS are for beginners and LEVEL 2 advanced or intermediate level English learning material.

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My name is Angeline and I had a hard time learning languages as an adult. The books and materials for learning languages for adults is poor. I tried learning Spanish and French for nearly two decades with no results. I had tutors, every book, used every app but I could not speak conversational Spanish or French. I studied aerospace engineering in University originally and then ended up in the skincare industry.

One day i got fed up and started to make my own bilingual english spanish and english french learning materials to learn Spanish and French and used music to learn English. Today I speak conversational Spanish and French therefore I know my system works because it worked for me.

My books are unique because they have line by line translations. Most bilingual books have one language on one side and the other on the other side. This format is useful for those who are truly bilingual but for those learning languages, it's useful to have line by line translations. Again, the books in my series Learn English Fast® Essentials Level 1 books are for A1-B1 levels. The bilingual book collection is for B1 plus levels.

I simply made a variety of books of easy to read books on different topics, for language learners to practice reading in English with line by line translations so hopefully they are engaged and read longer. My favorite books are Egg Recipes In The Past tense and The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide.

I love cooking so I made a recipe book which is mainly in the past tense to help those learning English speak in the past tense.  Speaking in the past tense is obviously crucial to conversational English. We are always talking about the food we ate so it's also very important to learn food vocabulary and verbs.

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide is a level 2 book. Being in skincare for 20 years, training nurses and aestheticians on cosmetic laser treatments, this book is very informative in educating the consumer in the best cosmetic laser treatments for different skin concerns. Not all lasers are made equal. I go through the different treatment options for scars, wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, sun spots, etc and from my experience, which treatments are best for different skin types.