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Why Our Program Is Different

This course has been designed from the PERSPECTIVE OF TEACHER AND STUDENT.
We will not have you do activities as today's popular apps are designed without translations or concrete lessons. We will also not overload you with grammar rules or teach you tenses which are not used in everyday life. Our content is streamlined to teach what you need to know to learn english fast!

Angeline — Founder & CEO.

I always wondered how pretty much all programs don’t have any of the english content translated.  If I am learning a new language it is very difficult if I can’t understand any of the material! ALL OF OUR CONTENT HAS AN OPTIONAL TRANSLATE BUTTON which is NOT GOOGLE TRANSLATE. Genius!

We have DEDICATED VERB PAGES. We offer very clear course lessons.  Each course includes a vocabulary, grammar and verb lessons along with printable pdfs for further practice.  We want you to tackle one verb at a time and master it before moving forward to the next level.

VERBS ARE TAUGHT IN THE PRESENT, PAST AND FUTURE RIGHT AWAY.  We do not believe that you should learn only present tenses of verbs in beginner or future tense in advance.  How would you be able be able to go out there and practice only knowing the present tense? We don’t only speak in the present in everyday life.  This is how our method differs.  We want you to master verbs one at a time in all tenses.  

This is our greatest selling feature.  We demonstrate REAL SITUATIONS.  You will never see in our courses a useful phrase such as the “the cat is in the tree.”  I have never used that phrase in my life!  Our scenes include ordering at a restaurant or asking for your size at a clothing store.  Our content is simple and useful so you can actually learn and practice right away! 

A lot of software programmers got really excited creating lock and unlock features for lessons.  This means you HAVE TO complete a topic or quiz before moving forward.  Sounds cool but it’s very frustrating as a student.  I know because I was that student.  We do not believe you have to complete anything before moving forward to the next session.  Sometimes students get frustrated on a topic and need to move on then re-visit it later.  If you are interested in learning something later on in the course we won’t hold you back!

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What Our Students Have to Say

Wow for the first time ever I don't have to go to Google Translate for an English course. The content is clear and there are many practice exercises. This has definitely fast tracked my learning and it has been much more useful than programs I bought for 4x the price!
Juan Gonzalo
From Miami, Florida
I always had to go to google and use different sites to find all the material I needed to practice english. Nothing was really complete. Finally something that is easy to understand with tons of practice material. Finally I am making progress!
Veronique Marcotte
From Paris, France