Why Should You Learn English?

Why Should You Learn English?

There are a lot of reason why you should learn English. I’ve outlined a few to hopefully motivate you to start this journey with me!

  1. English is now the language of business. In light of recent times, being able to take your business online even international is important. With the rise of online business, communication is essential to reach the biggest consumers in the world.
  1. English is the fastest growing language in the world and most spoken language in the world. 1 in 5 people on Earth speak or understand English.
  1. English is the official language in 57 countries.
  1. It’s good for your mental health! Bilingual people have less risk of alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The action of switching back and forth between two languages keeps the mind sharp!
  1. It opens pathways in the brain allowing you to think in difference perspectives making you more compassionate and open minded.
  1. Learning languages makes you smarter! Bilingual children grade higher in intelligence on standardized test.
  1. Learning English can increase your chances of getting a job. Whether you want to work overseas or not, many companies work with English speaking people so knowing English is definitely an asset.
  1. It’s fun and useful! Whether you have an English speaking friend, relative or your simply taking a holiday to an English speaking country, you will be able to put your conversational skills to good use!

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Learn English Fast With Me Angeline!