Why Choose Learn English Fast®

Hi My name Is Angeline Pompei!

I am the creator of Learn English Fast®. I've poured my heart and soul into this project, developing music, ESL books, and bilingual materials—all the resources I wish I'd had when learning French and Spanish.

I come from a sciences background, and language acquisition was never a strong suit for me. Despite attending numerous classes, consulting various tutors, and exploring every app I could find, it took me 20 years to become conversational in French, Spanish, and Italian.

Why I Created Learn English Fast®

I understand the loneliness and isolation that comes from being in a foreign country without speaking the language. Stories of people risking their lives to cross borders, often resulting in family separations, deeply affect me. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I launched LearnEnglishFast.com and earned my TEFL certification with a specialty in grammar.

My Vision

After learning languages with my own bilingual materials I created over the years, I wondered if other language learners, especially Spanish speakers, would benefit from my materials to learn English. I thought to myself, "Could those who want to learn English, using the same methods that helped me learn Spanish and French work?" This could empower them to find opportunities without leaving their home countries, thereby preserving their culture for future generations.

Why Choose Learn English Fast®?

  1. You'll learn English quickly through bilingual materials that genuinely interest you. When you're engaged with the topic, mastering English becomes much easier.
  2. My resources are practical, designed to learn English seamlessly into your daily life. All of my materials emphasize conversational English, so you'll become adept at real-world interactions.
  3. You will learn essential verbs and vocabulary through a diverse mix of music, videos, and books—keeping the learning process lively and far from boring.
  4. I focus on conversations in the future, present then past tense so you can master verbs and vocabulary in a natural way.
  5. It works. I know because it worked for me.

My Materials For Learning English

Bilingual Books

My bilingual books are for adult learners. Whether you're interested in cooking or skincare, my bilingual books and videos offer you a natural way to learn English.

Music For Learning English

I made songs for learning English! My songs in the Album Verbiage are based on grammar, vocabulary and verb conjugation. My song, "SOLO CANTAR," written entirely in Spanish, encourages adults to learn English. It's never too late to change your future!

My App

My App is coming out soon! For now join my list!

Future Plans

I aim to build a strong, supportive community around Learn English Fast® and continue my work in the arts. Giving back is also a priority for me. To that end, I plan to set aside 10% of all book royalties to benefit those who truly need it. I firmly believe that the best way to give back is through education. To make this vision a reality, I am currently building relationships with schools in Mexico, focusing on initiatives that will benefit underprivileged children. After all, every journey starts with a single step, and I'm committed to making a positive impact.

Where to Find Me

You can find my ESL books on Amazon and my music on all major streaming platforms.

My album "Verbiage" focuses on English grammar and verbs, making learning English enjoyable and effective.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey and offerings. I hope you find my resources helpful and enjoyable.

Kindest regards,
Angeline Pompei