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    Oh when you walk by every night

    Talking sweet and looking fine

    I get kind of hectic inside

    Oh baby I’m so into you

    Darling if you only knew

    All the things that flow through my mind

    But it’s just a



    Sweet sweet fantasy baby

    When I close my eyes

    You come and take me

    On and on and on

    It’s so deep in my daydreams

    But it’s just a sweet sweet fantasy baby


    Images of rapture

    Creep into me slowly

    As you’re going to my head

    And my heart beats faster

    When you take me over

    Time and time and time again

    But it’s just a




    I’m in heaven

    With my boyfriend

    My laughing boyfriend

    There’s no beginning and there is no end

    Feels like I’m dreaming but I’m not sleeping


    It’s just a




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