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My name is Angeline and I’m the creator of Learn English Fast.  I am Canadian. As a child of Italian and Chinese/Filipino immigrant parents who came to Canada, the land of opportunities, I understand the struggles of adapting to a different way of life. Can you imagine learning a new language back then without using the internet? In modern times, learning a language has become a lot easier!

I decided to create this course because I found there were a lot of language learning programs out there but none were complete. It’s hard enough learning a language let alone with the wrong tools.

After trying to learn Spanish and French for years without success I’ve learned what is needed to learn a language efficiently.

I’m not a big company trying to sell you the “latest feature” in language learning. I’m an ESL teacher. I also have a background in engineering, digital design, web development, and marketing.  Why this matters you ask?


Well I actually created ALL the material in this course and on my social media pages (videos, lessons, etc…) myself from start to finish! You can be sure I’ve used all my experience in creating this program with 100% LOVE. It is beyond personalized for French and Spanish native speakers. How I’ve used this experience?

I’ve used….

1.   Engineering to create systems for learning, processes and structures to make learning a language efficient. I learned how to apply these principles in every aspect of my life including this program.


2.   My Web development skills so you can expect thought was put into every element to optimize every aspect on the site since I am the person who actually put it all together.


3.   Marketing experiences.  As an experienced marketer I truly understand the importance of keeping people engaged. “Never do boring advertising” is a principle I applied in every category of learning on my site! With experience using adobe products to create visuals and videos I was able to bring my vision to life!


4.   TELF teacher: This is important of course because to teach a language you should know how to teach a language. I can always tell when a program was designed by a teacher or programmer. This disconnect is why having an actual teacher create the course is optimal. I found that unfortunately the best teachers out there don’t know how to create website or learning material.

I truly believe my program is the best learning program for Spanish and French native speaking who want to learn English as a second language. Hope you enjoy learning English with me Angeline!


TELF certified

  • International designation as an ESL teacher

Bachelor Of Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering

Personalized Training At Hacker You

  • Web development

American Graphics Institute in New York

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Premier Pro
  • Character Animate
  • UX Design
  • Web development
  • Google analytics

What Our Students Have to Say

Wow for the first time ever I don't have to go to Google Translate for an English course. The content is clear and there are many practice exercises. This has definitely fast tracked my learning and it has been much more useful than programs I bought for 4x the price!
Juan Gonzalo
From Miami, Florida
I always had to go to google and use different sites to find all the material I needed to practice english. Nothing was really complete. Finally something that is easy to understand with tons of practice material. Finally I am making progress!
Veronique Marcotte
From Paris, France

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